Grilled Brunch Skewers with Hatch Chipotle Verde

Skewers are always a hit at any backyard barbecue, but have you tried them for brunch? Try it! Kick yours up a notch by mixing our Hatch Chipotle Verde Hot Sauce into your marinade.

Grilled Brunch Skewers Recipe


  •     1/2 pineapple cut into cubes
  •     1 red or orange bell pepper cut into cubes
  •     1 red onion (medium) cut into cubes
  •     1 lb large turkey sausages or kielbasa cut into thick rings
  •     1/4 cup Hatch Chipotle Verde Hot Sauce


  1. Thread sausage, pineapple pieces, red bell pepper and red onion onto the skewer, alternating the ingredients as you add them.
  2. Brush skewers with Hatch Chipotle Verde hot sauce then place on the preheated bbq, cover and grill on the first side 3 minutes then turn, brush with more marinade and grill about 2-minutes per side, brushing with more marinade as you turn the skewers.
  3. Grill until vegetables are cooked to desired doneness (total grilling time 10-12 minutes).

Grab a bottle of Hatch Chipotle Verde today!

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