Hand-Crafted Barbecue Sauces

Bring the flavor to your next backyard barbecue with one of our delicious barbecue sauces. The smoky spice of chipotle graces the recipes of our Mustard Barbecue Sauce and our Bourbon Barbecue sauce; which adds a welcomed sizzle. Smother your sausage with our Chipotle Mustard Barbecue Sauce. It’s sure to be a hit with Carolina Barbecue lovers. Memphis-style barbecue finds a home in our Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce and goes great on ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. This delicious duo of award-winning barbecue sauces is the perfect addition to your condiment shelf. They’re delicious!

Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

We pay homage to the long history of Memphis-style barbecue with our Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce. Countless hours of perfecting our hand-crafted recipe have earned us an award-winning barbecue sauce that is truly second to none. Try it on ribs at your next cookout!

Chipotle Mustard Barbecue Sauce

What happens when you combine German ancestry with American barbecue? Carolina-style mustard barbecue sauce! Our Chipotle Mustard Barbecue Sauce is a tremendous combination of tangy sweetness, peppers, and spices that will surely be a pleasing treat to your grill or smoker.

Try them both!

Pre-packaged and ready to gift, this set comes with Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce and Chipotle Mustard Barbecue Sauce.