Hand-Crafted Seasonings

Naturally hand-crafted blends of spices for everyone to enjoy. Add savory deliciousness right into your next chicken dish with our Bird Rub™ Poultry Seasoning. Our All-Purpose Seasoning adds a perfectly-balanced blend of spices to vegetables, French fries, and mac & cheese. We dare you to find something it doesn’t go well with. Our flavorful seasoned salts are bound to be a staple in your kitchen. Our ingredients make them both guilt-free seasonings for your home-cooked favorites.

All Purpose Seasoning

First impressions will draw you to the bottle and the flavor will keep you coming back. A ballet of flavors. The aroma that this seasoning salt gives off is one that inspires a need to cook overnight chili, homestyle mac & cheese, or any other comfort food goodness.

Bird Rub™ Poultry Seasoning

Our Bird Rub™ is a must for those baking, roasting, or grilling up a poultry dish. Don’t know where to start with your next chicken dish? Give that bird a rub with this perfectly concocted all-natural blend of seasonings which will give that new chicken dish a little jump start. 

Kriol™ Seasoning

Kriol™ Seasoning is a precise mix of sea salt, paprika, garlic, pepper, and other spices that will add a nice kick to seafood, chicken, beef, vegetables, chili, stew, and soups. No MSG.

Try them both!

This pre-packaged set comes with All Purpose Seasoning and Bird Rub Poultry Seasoning.