Das Güd profile featured on CraftHotSauce.com

The story behind the sauce

Earlier this month, CraftHotSauce.com published our craft hot sauce profile. The website was created to share the stories, lessons, and passion of small-batch hot sauce makers around the world.  

Our craft hot sauce profile includes:

  • My first memories and influences with hot sauce, the story behind my first batch of hot sauce
  • When I took the leap of faith to start Das Güd
  • Some early lessons learned making hot sauces, scaling, and starting my business 
  • One of my most memorable “WTF is happening” moments with my hot sauce company
  • A little more about the craft hot sauce scene in Texas
  • The why and who behind Das Güd
  • Some advice for hobbyists that interested in starting or scaling a hot sauce company

Read the full profile here.

Many thanks to Brian for featuring Das Güd Spice Co on CraftHotSauce.com. We love what you’re doing for the hot sauce community! 

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